A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few spools Fillamentum Extrafill PLA from a webshop here in the Netherlands called Plasticz Netherlands. I never ordered in this shop before but they sell some great brands like Polymaker, Fillamentum, Treed Filaments and the in house Plasticz brand which is a great quality material also so I had to give it a go. Plasticz is an official reseller of the incredible coated P3D nozzles and the Craftbot Plus 3D printers and will expand the great selection of products more and more.

Click HERE for the Plasticz webshop!

My first order were a few spools of Fillamentum Extrafill PLA because I really like the quality of this Czech made material. It performs really great on all my 3d printers and I never had any problems during printing. It gives a great finsihed product and the range of colors you can choose from is impressive.

Plasticz also sells the coated P3D nozzles and I heard great things about the P3D Apollo (E3D v6 compatible) nozzle. The Apollo is made from aircraft aluminum and coated with Duraplat3-D and I wanted to know more so I’ve contacted Plasticz to get some more information. After some correspondence back and forth the owner offered me the 0,4 mm P3D Apollo and the 0,6 mm hardened steel P3D Hercules nozzle for testing and when the package arrived I also found a few nice samples in the box including some Fillamentum Nylon Carbon to try with the P3D Hercules. Reviews of the nozzles and filaments are on it’s way!

The good thing about this all is that i’m now able to help Plasticz with the testing and tweaking of the materials they sell so they can provide the best possible costumer service. I’m using seven different 3d printers to test the profiles and settings for each material and I have many hours of experience with these machines. I will also write articles in Dutch for on the Plasticz.nl website so my followers from the Netherlands can also read articles in our own language because some people can’t read English and I totally understand that so I’m more than happy to create some content in Dutch too. Soon I will release the first one but You can read the same article in English here on my blog.

Original Prusa i3 MK3S.

I will release the first article about the P3D nozzles in about a week and after the weekend my first article in Dutch will be uploaded to the Plasticz website.

Enjoy your weekend!

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