ALT LCD Resin purple

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ALT resins are photopolymers for 3D printing. These resins are epoxide-like materials and can be used on all open-source LCD 3D printers with a range of 385 to 420nm. It produces little odor and prints quickly, making it very suitable for 3D printing in the office or at home. Prints made from this material show great sharp details. Printed parts are easy to sand and paint. This resin can be used for rapid prototyping, miniatures, models, resins and many other purposes. ALT resins have the following features:

Low viscosity
Fast printing
High accuracy
This resin has a Shore D hardness of 76, making it perfect for most projects. The low viscosity of 50-100 Pa.s makes cleaning with ethanol, bioethanol, IPA or other resin cleaners easy.

ALT resins are compatible with:

Prusa SL1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        B9 creator
Wanhao D7
Wanhao D8
Anycubic Photon
Mono Printer
Phrozen Shuffle
Tronxy Ultrabot
Longer Orange 10
Anet N4
Alfawise W10
Orbeat D100 & D200
Counter 400S
And many more…

For most LCD printers, the curing times of a layer thickness of 100 microns are 13 seconds and for a layer thickness of 50 microns 9 seconds.

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