3D Phil-O-Ween (Matterhackers Mascot) FREE DOWNLOAD

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Introducing the Halloween version of the MatterHackers mascot: Phil-O-Ween! Designed with troubleshooting in mind, Phil has several features specifically to put your printer through its paces.


3D Phil-A-Ment is the official Matterhackers mascot and after my Christmas remix called “Santa Phil”, it was time for me to create another version for Halloween.

3D Phil-O-Ween is available in single- and multi-material version (3 colors). I designed Phil-O-Ween so it also can be printed without any support.

Remixed from: Jack o lantern pumpkin with Open Mouth & Matterhackers 3D-Phil

Have fun printing 3D Phil-O-Ween

Print Settings:

It doesn’t matter what materials and settings you use for Phil-O-Ween but I do recommend Prusament PLA when using the Original Prusa MMU2S. This is the easiest and this material is perfectly calibrated on the MMU2S.

The single- and multi-material version of 3D Phil-O-Ween are both printed in 0.2mm layers and 10% cubic infill. Sliced in Prusa Slicer 2.3.0 alpha1 and printed on my Original Prusa i3 MK3S with MMU2S.


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