ColorFabb (Expanding) LW-PLA

Original Prusa SL1 & CW1 Beta testing. (The first two weeks)

Plasticz Netherlands

Original Prusa i3 MK3S and more news from Josef Prusa.


Welcome to De 3D Printman

Hi and welcome to my site! If you like 3D printing you’re at the right place. My name is Bart and my life is all about 3D printing. On this site, I will share all my stories, photo’s, videos and post articles to my blog. I’m testing a lot of materials, 3D printers and other cool things like bed adhesives so I think it’s a great idea to document all my findings and share them with the world. 



I am Official Beta Tester for:

ColorFabb LW PLA
New materials coming soon!
YAN 3D Printer by Furling Technology