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We live in difficult times at the moment and for many of us, the COVID-19 outbreak has devastating consequences. I try to do as much as possible to help out where ever I can and almost every printer in the farm is making parts for the Prusa Protective Face Shield – RC2. These shields are highly important for any medical professional out there fighting the virus and there is a huge shortage of proper protective gear at the moment. Huge respect for Josef prusa and his team for their hard work designing the shield and making thousands of them in the Prusa Research print farm. I contacted my friends from ColorFabb and they were happy to help me out and sponsor me the materials needed for this project so a big thank you to the complete ColorFabb crew is the least I can do. I am now looking for plastic sheets for the shields itself and I also need to arrange the rubber bands but I’m sure they are available anywhere. Soon more news about the shields. For now, it’s time to fire up the printers!

My webshop is open as usual. That said, it might be possible that some shipments are delayed because of the Corona Outbreak. My personal experience tells me shipments are being delivered on schedule. 

I will be working hard to keep my content coming during the outbreak so please keep checking my social media pages. Take care of yourself and each other and let us hope we will all be safe. My heart goes out to everyone already effected by the virus! 


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