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Belangrijk Nieuws over de Covid19 Gezichtsbescherming!

Mocht U nog interesse hebben in de Prusa Face Shields neem dan contact op via email of via telefoon op nummer 06 800 81 217

3D Printing to help fight Covid19

Welcome to my website. Around the world, we all have to deal with the effects that the Coronavirus brings with it. Like many other countries, here in the Netherlands, we have to deal with the virus too. And we all have to deal with the shortage of personal protection equipment these days. It was amazing to see how fast some members of the community started to think about solutions for this problem. Some designed new valves or other parts for breathing equipment in hospitals, others worked on hands-free door openers. Czech 3D printer and filament manufacturer Prusa Research came up with a great idea. Josef Prusa and his team started to design protective face shields that are cheap and easy to print. A large part of the Prusa print farm in Prague is now used for the production of the face shields and they managed to make 55000 pieces in under 3 weeks. Prusa Research is donating the masks for free to people in the frontline, fighting Covid19. You can read everything about it on their blog.


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